Increase your Flexibility = Improve your overall health and lifestyle

Contortion classes at Flip N Fly circus are a huge step to increasing your overall flexibility and ultimately improving your health and lifestyle.
Proper stretching technique allows you to improve your range of motion, physical condition and overall fitness and by doing activities that lengthen and stretch your muscles, it can help you prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems, as well as achieving the following benefits:
  • Assisting with posture by balancing the tension placed across the joint by the muscles that cross it – proper posture minimizes stress and maximizes the strength of all joint movements.
  • Reducing the risk of injury during exercise and daily activities because muscles are more pliable.
  • Improving performance of everyday activities as well as performance in exercise and sport.
Our classes run for 1.5 hours and you can expect to develop both your back-bending as well as your front-bending skills. We will be working on bridges, elbow-handstands, chin-stands, upper back opening and shoulder stretching as well as splits.
There is no previous experience needed for this class, just a will to learn and progress through the training. Some of our students have been doing this class for several terms so this is a very positive class with an awesome environment for anyone wanting to try contortion for the first time.
If you’re interested in taking your flexibility to the next level for any specific activity or sport this is the right class for you.
We have highly trained Mongolian instructors with over 25 years of experience so you are sure to get the best training in the safest way possible.
For more personalized training and faster progress we also offer private classes, which are sure to make you achieve your flexibility goals a lot faster than you even imagine.
Contact us today to start your contortion training!